Rp 705,000.00

This 72 inch See Me Safety Signal Tube, also known as a safety sausage, or SMB (signal marker buoy) is a great way to get noticed! 6 Foot high visibility cordura tubes come with “push down” oral inflator and BC clip at the end. The 72 inch See Me Safety Signal Tube truly is two signal markers in one as this one is bright orange on one side to signal diver in water “come pick me up” and bright yellow on the other to signal “emergency come quick”. Perfect to get noticed no matter what the weather, water or divers conditions are.
It can also be used for safety or deco stops by simply tying on a 15 foot piece of line or using a small finger spool. It has 18lbs of lift, for those moments when you need added buoyancy, such as a BCD failure.
The 72 inch See Me Safety Signal Tube Measures 6 feet long when inflated, yet rolls up to 6 inches by 2 1/2 inches and with the use of a small velcro strap it compacts into a lifesaver the size of a soda can! A plastic BC clip at one end makes it easy to hang on any D ring on your BCD while either rolled up or inflated.

Product Description



  • Orally
  • Connecting to low-pressure inflator hose
  • Purge second stage into the bottom opening of the signaling device
  • Radar reflective panel located inside of the tube
  • Fox 40 daul setting Strobe w/whistle
  • Signaling mirror
  • Princeton Tech safety light with batteries
  • Velcro mesh storage pocket
  • Velcro safety strap



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