Secret Bay

Secret Bay Dive Site

Secret Bay in North West Bali is a muck divers paradise. It can only be dived when the tide is right, but be aware, for north Bali the water temperature can drop significantly. This is a very good site for macro photography and many people are rewarded with stunning images of the weird and the wonderful critters that can be found in Bali waters.

Secret Bay

Be prepared for Muck Diving! Secret Bay dive site is located in front of the docking area of the Gilimanuk Harbor. This is an excellent place for the rare and the unusual. No coral reefs, no depth to speak of but a dive site for macro-photographers who are looking for mysterious creatures. Secret Bay is a critter heaven! This mangrove-lined bay offers many rare and wonderful small things. This is home to seahorses, a variety of ghost pipefish, dragonets, nudibranchs galore, mantis shrimp and many more. Watch out for the snakes!

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Day Trips

We run daily trips in the best dive sites around Bali. From the famous Liberty Wreck in Tulamben Village, Muck dive in Amed to the great pelagic such as The Giant Manta Ray and The Majestic Mola in Nusa Penida Island.


Tulamben is one of Bali’s most famous diving areas, hosts a few dive sites such as the US Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden, Sereya secrets and the Drop Off. All sites can be reached with a short swim from the beach.

Diving In Indonesia

Indonesia is synonymous with diving, and it’s for a good reason. Off Indonesia’s coastline are more than 600 coral and 3,000 fish species. There’s exhilarating drift diving, fantastic night diving, deep trenches and many WWII relics to explore.