Be a SAFE Diver

How much is your life worth?

Be a SAFE Diver – get the best safety equipment.

It might save your life one day.


In all4Diving we take the safety of our customers very seriously, and therefore we offer all our divers going to Penida free use of a Nautilus LifeLine (marine rescue radio with gps), Surface Marker Buoy, Dive computer and Mirror.



 Although we offer it to be used for free, we recommend everyone to buy their own set of safety kit. Your next dive destination might not offer it, and you might not even be able to rent or buy it there.To help you become a SAFE diver we have all possible safety equipment for sale in our 3 retail shops in Bali.

 Right now we offer a special package for PSI safety sausage, Nautilus LifeLine, Reef hook + mirror, which all comes in a small bag that’s easily fitted in your BCD pocket or you can clip it on to your BCD if you don’t have pockets.

Our very special price for this package is US$ 345-


IMG_7109                                   IMG_7112

 On top of this we’ll also give a 10% discount on any computer purchased together with the safety package. SO, join us in the effort of making diving SAFE and take action and become a SAFE Diver. Visit us in one of our shops in Sanur or Seminyak and have a talk about how it’s all working. We are always ready to help you with all your needs in diving (land or Liveaboard based), snorkelling, accommodation, traveling on Bali or or or…………