The torture pools of Bali !! :-(

What torture could be worse for a large, highly intelligent marine mammal used to spending its days free to roam, jumping, frolicking and swimming in the vast, endless expanses of the world’s oceans, living within tight and complex social family groups than to be……?






…….captured in fisherman’s nets in Java, thrown into the back of hot dry trucks and ferries for over 30 hours only to find themselves ‘released’ into a chlorinated swimming pool measuring 20m x 10m to live out the rest of their days in utter torture and indescribable misery for the benefit of a few dim witted tourists to pay $75 to have a little 20 minute swim with Flipper the friendly Dolphin !!!!!






The absolute barbarity and abhorrent nature of this recent news story reported by the Jakarta Post, Bali Daily has shocked the whole community, again, as sadly it is not the first time that unscrupulous companies in Indonesia have tried to cash in on this horrific activity. It has recently come to light that 4 dolphins captured in Java have been delivered to Bali and thrown in a torture pool operated by Wake Bali at Keramas beachfront in Gianyar district.




Sadly it is the same company, Wersut Seguni Indonesia (WSI), that have captured and sold these dolphins to Wake Bali that also sold the dolphins to the Akame restaurant in Benoa, Bali that was shut down by the authorities just two years ago !! WSI based in central Java have in the past has been responsible for supplying captive dolphins to places like Melka Hotel in Bali, Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta and Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor.




Even sadder is the very fact that Marine Mammals in Indonesia are ‘looked after’ by the Forestry Ministry (strange) who claim to have ‘rescued’ these dolphins and have apparently supplied a permit to WSI to provide them with a pool to ‘rehabilitate’ until they are ‘healthy’ enough to be ‘released’ back into the ocean…. it is blatant exploitation of animal slaves for cash reward as these animals have obviously been sold into a life of hideous slavery, torture and captivity !!




PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE anyone who is reading this and thinking about swimming with captive Whales & Dolphins living in conditions of terrible torture while on holiday in Bali or anywhere else in the world, just don’t do it, it’s not fair, just imagine what the Whales and Dolphins would do to us humans if they took over the world !!!




Anyone with a good heart and planetary wisdom will be interested in this topic and should watch the documentaries Blackfish , The Cove, and Whale Wars for more information.