DIVE SITES : Puri Jati

Puri Jati

Area : Bali, Indonesia
Max Depth : 3-25 meters
Visibility : 5-20 m
Currents : Zero to mild current
Type : Boat, muck and shore dive
Difficulty : Open Water but mainly for macro-photographers

Puri Jati is famed for its underwater photography. The dive site has a bottom of black volcanic sand with some seaweed and soft coral. Initially the visibility is less than 1 meter due to the wave action on the shallow beach, but it improves rapidly once you head out to the drop-off where it’s typically about 15 meters. The average visibility on the gentle slope,is about 10 meters However, until your eyes attune to the environment it’s very easy to miss all these critters you have heard about. The sloping sand hosts an amazing array of creatures, which seem to be able to either blend in completely with the soft dark sand, or appear and disappear into it at will. So well adapted to their environment are some of these critters that it’s quite easy to find yourself looking directly at them without realizing they are actually there. It’s a good place to see small and rare animals like frogfishes, seahorses, nudibranches, dragonets, ambon scorpionfish and devil fish.