DIVE SITES : Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island

Area : Bali, Indonesia
Max Depth : 5-40 metres
Visibility : 15-30 m
Currents : Mild current
Type : Boat, cave, drift, reef and wall dive
Difficulty : Beginner

Menjangan is part of the Bali Barat National Park. Dives range around 20-30 meters, mostly wall diving. The waters are clear and calm with a rich variety of fish. For those who appreciate wall diving, the dive sites around Menjangan Island are a must. The walls descend to varying depths and offer the greatest diversity of the Gorgonian Fans in Bali. Another interesting dive is the Anchor Wood Wreck, also called the Anker. The name comes from a heavily encrusted anchor, which sits at about 6 meters on the top of the reef nearby. The wreck lies on a fairly steep slope scattered in bits and pieces. Down to 45 meters, this site is atmospheric and beautiful. There are glass and ceramic bottles in copper receptacles that might have contained palm whisky or arak. Around the island there are also shallow reefs with beautiful corals. Both divers and snorkelers will love it here.